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The Bible Studies were developed for a discussion format.  No prior preparation of the group is required.  Each study includes relevant Scripture notations, discussion topics and some probable answers to aid the leader in preparation.  Use the links below to open the study.  Need some tips?  See the Leading Studies section. A few of these are especially suited for youth and you can find them here. To see them all, click here.

One must be careful when using God’s Word. Literal meanings are often misleading if not combined with a broader perspective. Solomon’s Ecclesiastes reflects an incorrect view of life. Yet when it is combined with the New Testament, adds clarity. The Bible Truth being shared is that life’s meaning cannot be found apart from a personal relationship with the Lord.

Prayer is one of those wonderful gifts given to mankind by God. This is both a lesson and a class project intended to build awareness of the power of prayer and create great habits that can last a lifetime.  The Bible Truth shared here is that prayer works.

The world is tough on Christians. This study looks at the safe places Christians can go to. The Bible Truth being shared is that we can find salvation, refuge and support within any community that is gathered in Jesus’ name and shares with each other.

Church life is filled with issues. That is nothing new. The Apostle Paul helps us focus on the real vision of Christ’s Church. The Bible Truth being shared is that Church of Christ is an inclusive worldwide fellowship of believers who praise their one God in every nation, in every language and with every race of people.

This study looks at several parables in Luke. The Bible Truth being shared is that God is in control and asks for persistent faith from each of us.

This study reviews the basic premise that people are inherently fearful and must rely on faith. The Bible Truth being shared is that each of us is separated from our God by our own sinful nature. It is the sacrifice of Jesus and our faith in Him that offers us eternal life.

This study begins with a review of the seven covenants made by God to mankind. It examines the lost art of walking your talk. The Bible Truth being shared is that spiritual joy is the blessing and the reward of the faithful who believe in their God. Worry and concern are the burden of those weak in their faith who do not know their God.

With literally millions of religions in the world, and all claiming to be the right one, it is not easy to understand nor believe that the only way one can be saved is through Christ. This study looks at the Christian belief that only faith in Christ and reliance on the Holy Spirit can enable a person to do what he or she knows is right.

By studying and comparing how Jesus interacts with Zaccheus, the tax collector, we can begin to understand how Jesus will interact with us.

The Antichrist will be a powerful, supernatural foe of all Christians. This study will look at how we must hold on to the teachings of the Word of God and that Christ will triumph over the Antichrist.

There is frequently a lot of discussion on spiritual gifts. The Apostle Paul establishes the logic in Romans. This study looks at the fact that we all are living sacrifices and our lives are offerings to God. It should be our goal to be part of a community of faith in which worship is expressed in the way we live together and serve each other, not just on Sunday.

There is often confusion between forgiveness and giving up sinful ways. If one is forgiven, do they have to be concerned with how they lead their lives? The Bible Truth being shared by the Apostle Paul is that, through faith, Christians enter a relationship with Christ, enabling them to break free of sin in their lives and to live consistent with the will of God.

One of the most confusing concepts to Christianity is repentance. It is not just saying we are sorry. Repentance requires both acknowledgement and redirection. The Bible Truth being shared is that as humans, we sin and fall short of God’s glory. Repentance and obedience must follow for God’s people to enjoy His blessing.

Is there any middle ground upon which a person can stand before Christ? It is not so obvious a question when we consider the Lukewarm lives filling the Christian world today. The Bible Truth shared by this study is to recognize that hypocrisy is abhorrent to the Lord and to avoid the pitfalls of empty religion. The Christian life is one that is constantly under construction, allowing God’s Sp

There is “Good News” and bad news.  Bad news first?  To be a Christian is not easy.  Good news, however, its worth the struggle.  The Bible Truth shared by this study is see that as we stand strong against the pressures of life, we learn obedience through God’s loving discipline.

Standing firm, being fearful, putting our trust into friends; these are some of the issues discussed in this study. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that God wants our relationship with Him to be based on faith, not fear.

There are times when society and all of its problems seem overwhelming. Politics as usual just wear away at our energy levels. So why try to change the inevitable? The study looks at the risks associated with following Christ.

Bible studies can become theoretical discussions on theology, history or about the other person down the street. This study brings focus to what is expected when we claim our faith in Christ. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that the grace of God and our justification by faith are not just for discussion or debate, but have practical implications for changing the lives of believers.

One of the principles established in the Reformation is that a person can not isolate themselves and Christian fellowship is a necessity. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that he Apostle Paul was not a “loaner,” but that he served the Lord in fellowship with other believers and, thereby, discovered a source of joy and strength.

Is there consequence for sin? Do we have accountable relationships to point out our failings? This study of David and Bathsheba looks at those topics and addresses the topic of discipline for our children. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that God is the only authority over discipline. It is our faith in His perfect will that the consequences of one’s actions are for His purpose of salvation.

After choosing Christ, What should the next decision be for every Christian? The Bible Truth shared by this study is that submission is the proper response to God’s Word, while selection (choosing only parts of God’s Word) is the outcome of sinfulness.

What does it mean to share the Gospel? The Bible Truth shared by this study is that God accepts anyone and everyone who responds to Him, without regard to race, national origin, or culture. Therefore, it is our responsibility to include everyone.

Is there such a thing as a politically correct Christian? The Bible Truth shared by this study is that Christ does not call us to seek common ground nor neutrality with regard to our faith. You are either with Him or against Him.

As Christians, we cannot isolate ourselves from the world that seems to be out to get us. This is not a new problem. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that sin can enter any Christian’s life but it is through God’s Word that we understand the sin and are moved to repentance.

Moses provides us his last view of the world and shares what is important.  The Bible Truth shared by this study is that mankind’s mortality comes from our sin.  Don’t fret, however.  We have a God that will listen to us and provide us ways to please Him so that our mortality is given purpose. 

Who helps you with Bible Study? Are you a Bible Study Leader? God is most concerned that those who lead do so correctly and those who learn are discerning. This is not a new problem. The Bible Truth in this study is to become aware of the deceptiveness of faulty teaching, and to learn to deal graciously with the difficult people in our lives, through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ.

To study the Old Testament is to learn from our ancestor’s mistakes. Time after time, God provides opportunities in spite of rejection. The Bible Truth in this study is that God can restore those who are spiritually dead. However, seizing the opportunity is our responsibility.

Sex is never an easy subject to talk about in public, especially in church. This study will explore the Biblical view of sex. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that romance between a husband and wife is a beautiful and holy thing in God’s eyes; it pictures the passionate relationship that exists between Himself and His ransomed people.

Courtship, marriage have times of insecurity. Again, Solomon leaves us his perspective on the proper relationship between man and woman. The Bible Truth shared by this study is that marriage partners can give one another a sense of security in their relationship by the practice of honest, thoughtful, deliberate praise.

Why does God allow so many trials in our lives? This study looks at the persecution of the early Christian church and its impact on spreading the Gospel’s message. The Bible Truth being shared is that God uses persecution and discomfort to release His people from being comfortable and to get them to work on His priorities.

The Apostle Paul’s view of the role of women in the Church is often misunderstood and taken out of context. This study looks at a very controversial Scripture verse and discusses various methods for improving study and understanding God’s Word. The Bible Truth being shared is that God created men and women to share His world and to share Christ’s work — Equally.

This is study that looks at the conflicts between the Christian and those who have authority over us. Is it ever OK to look the other way? The Bible Truth shared is that we honor our God through appropriate submission to authorities.

The Christian life can be described as a balancing act: faith, work and war. Called to be faithful, God’s kingdom is not advanced without the sweat of His followers nor does it survive without the blood of His people. The Bible Truth being shared is that by trusting in God and uniting together, people can overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

Solomon was called the “widest man who ever lived” yet he struggled to understand his purpose in life. The Bible Truth being shared is that we are in God’s hands, and can be confident He will work in every experience to do good.

The Bible frequently groups somewhat diverse topics into compact Godly wisdom. As the Apostle Paul writes Timothy, he discusses the elderly, widows and choosing church officers. The Bible Truth being shared is that God sees the human heart without gender, color or age and that each of us is given the opportunity to grow in faith and trust.

In a world focused on self-interests and winning, humility is often hard to find. The Bible Truth being shared is that God never forgets His people. It is the humble and redemptive heart that can always find God. After a time of consequence for our sins, God renews His relationship of love with each of us.

This is a sample study that was created for a senior high youth group. It uses the lyrics from rock music to teach that in a world filled with “music,” it is best to listen with a discerning ear.

This study uses a very powerful visual demonstration to emphasize the importance of placing God in our life early. The Bible Truth being shared is that our God provides us with many choices that we can freely make but He expects to be the first choice we make each day.

To some, their conversion (acceptance of Jesus) was dramatic and, to others, just part of their life. With the Apostle Paul, his road to Damascus experience would become one of the most dramatic conversions of history. This study looks at what happens when a person really comes to see who Jesus is, how they begin to live a new life, and how they are likely to begin to tell others what they see, even though it may be costly to do so.

Topics like sex, marriage and divorce are complex. However, they are addressed in the Bible. This study looks at being members of Christ’s Church and its practical implications that affect a person’s sex life, marital choices, and personal relationship with the world.

The Apostle Stephen was the first Christian martyr. From Stephen’s defense, much can be learned about God’s expectations with respect to His Church. This study looks at how God meets His people anywhere. No human structure can contain Him. Yet people easily seem to turn sacred places and experiences with God into idols they worship instead of God.

The world’s view on sex and marriage is changing every day.  The media, peer pressure, music, books, all portray sex outside of marriage as a normal part of life.  Yet, this behavior cannot be supported Biblically.  This study looks at how God joins man and woman to serve each other with respect and honor.  This is gained by viewing sex as part of God’s plan for a man and woman after they have committed their relationship to God.  The Study uses Solomon’s Song of Songs.

Many people struggle with finding or even defining the behavior of the perfect “church.” Here we look at the Apostle Paul’s relationships with the early Christians in Rome. The Bible Truth taught in this study is that the body of Christ, the Church, defined as a longing to be with fellow members, praying for one another, serving one another’s needs, and maintaining personally connected to one another.

Much can be learned by studying the struggles of the first Christians as they established our Church. This study looks at the sovereign strategy of the Holy Spirit and the daring of a few pioneering Jewish believers, the Good News about the Lord Jesus spread to the Gentiles.

This study looks at Proverb 31, the last Proverb providing an excellent insight to the Biblical relationships and role of a woman in Old Testament times. The Bible Truth being shared is that the Bible acknowledges the worth and influence of godly women, and describes them as possessing a full complement of capabilities and gifts as persons created in the image of God.

This study looks at the book of Isaiah and discusses the proper Christian response for both good times and hard times. The Bible Truth being shared is that God wants us to respond to life’s hardships by remaining faithful to Him, rather than to act like foolish people, forgetting Him in good times and turning to Him in hard times.

In this study, we will see the softer, more compassionate side of Nehemiah. You will also cover the importance of mission and generosity. The study also looks at division among believers and the danger it represents. The Bible Truth being shared is that When God’s people become divided and harm one another, only their commitment to His Word can reunite them.

Satan is never a very popular subject but this study provides a real insight to his character and power. The Bible Truth being shared is that human trials are part of an invisible conflict in which God uses people to demonstrate His glory and goodness to the angelic world.

A study in Mark walks through family and wealth to understand the human side of our Savior. The Bible Truth being shared is that Jesus came as a servant of mankind, not a ruler.

Using the history of the compass, this study links the attributes of a navigation aid with Jesus, the perfect compass for guiding us to our gracious God.  The Bible Truth being shared is that Jesus gives us the only view earthly mankind will ever have of God. The only way to God is to trust that Jesus knows the way and to follow Him. 

Our God has made us promises. This study reviews His seven key covenants and then focuses on how God’s temple is really built in the world. The Bible Truth being shared is that we are called to build God’s Church, both physically with bricks and mortar; and with lives, focused on just behavior, mercy and humility.

A study based on the parable of the shrewd manager helps to draw the proper response to Christ’s call for each Christian to be a good steward of His resources. The Bible Truth being shared is that to walk with Christ requires self-motivation, self-denial and self-control.

This study weaves Old and New Testament views of death together into a hope-filled story by looking at the erroneous thinking of Solomon on death. The Bible Truth being shared is that death may be the destiny of the living, but it is not the end.

A study on the shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”  This is a discussion proving that even the verse every child first learns can stimulate discussion and provoke thought today.  The study takes a close look at the human character of our Savior.  The Bible Truth being shared is that Jesus is as much a human as He is God. In this, each of us is to take great comfort in the knowledge that Jesus is the only binding to God’s saving grace.

The benefits of a Christian life are too often pushed out to the next world. Yet by looking at David and his walk with God, we can see that there are earthly benefits to trusting God. The study emphasizes that we must be in constant obedience to God and earnestly seek His will, building spiritual character in order that we may meet life’s stresses and find strength and confidence in the Lord.

The Gospel of John may be the perfect place for a beginning Bible student to start their amazing journey. John’s use of words to describe our Christ help us understand who Jesus is. The study takes a close look at the human character of our Savior and to see Him as both deity and man. Our life’s response to this lesson is to understand that every part of Scripture has been given to us so that we may come to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Mankind has always struggled with his own significance. This study looks at placing God higher than man. The Bible Truth being shared is that true wisdom is based on a humble attitude that acknowledges the limits of human knowledge, the greatness of God, and the reliability of God’s Word.