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hubbleOur creator has promised to unlock the mysteries of His Words and this world. When “the bowl is lifted from the lamp,” the light of discovery pours out and amazes us. Here are some of Lostpine’s discoveries.

Each link below opens both the appropriate Bible verses and interpretive commentary. To view them all at once, click HERE.

Abstaining, when directed by spiritual leaders
Accountability, to whom?
Accountability, why?
Achievement, how to obtain it
Achievement, when it is accomplished apart from God
Achievement, when it is too high?
Adversity, why we should keep our faith
Advice, should we seek it?
Advice, where to find it
Affliction, our attitude during
Affliction, some reasons why we have them
Age, can we become too old to serve God?
Alcohol, is it wrong to drink it?
Anger, don’t keep it
Anger, how to control it and why
Anxiety, what to do with it
Approval, our search for it
Athletics and the Bible
Attitude, at work
Authority, when commanded to be silent on the Gospel
Authority, when disobedience is OK
Bible study, why is it important?
Bible study, why should we choose church leadership that is in the Word?
Biblical interpretations, the risk of misinterpretation
Biblical interpretations, when they appear wrong
Biblical interpretations, when they are challenged
Boasting, is it wrong?
Bottom line, how do we really please God?
Christ, who is He?
Christian, how to become one
Christian, how do you make sure you are?
Circumstances, good and bad
Death, fear of
Death, it is the destiny of mankind
Decisions, a source for information
Decisions, stepping out in faith
Delegate authority, how to
Discipleship, the Christian action plan
Disfavor, falling out with God
Elderly, a promise from God
Election, God’s greatest gift
Evangelists, testing their motives
Faith, part of pleasing God
Faith, what is it?
Faith, where it comes from?
Family, providing for them
Fear, of witnessing to others
Friends, choosing them
Forgiveness, of others who do us harm
Forgiving a sinner
Goals, after accepting Christ
Goals, as set against God’s desires
Goals, setting them realistically
God, how He speaks to us
God, why don’t we understand all He does?
God’s Word
Gospel, why some do not respond to its message
Growth, how does a Christian learn?
Grudge, holding one
Happiness, for the youth
Hardships, why do bad things happen to good people?
Hardships, why they are given to us?
Heaven, what is it like?
Hell, what is it like?
Help, from God directly
Helping others
Holy Spirit, His role in the life of an unbeliever
Honesty in business dealings
Injustice, how to fight against it
Integrity, an act of power or an act of weakness?
Integrity, what is it?
Leaders, how to lead
Life, when does it begin?
Marriage, what is it?
Meetings, how to hold them
Minds, patterning our thoughts for a Christian life
Mourning, after a loss
Non-Christians, how to treat them
Obligations, paying them
Obstacles, finding a way to overcome them
Patience, waiting for the Lord’s answer
Perseverance, shedding the encumbrances for more energy
Placing your faith in Jesus, what does it mean?
Planning, man versus God
Planning, what should establish the objective
Possessions, their value at judgment
Prayers, does God ever forget them?
Prayers, when they are not answered
Prayers, why they may not be answered
Preaching, for the wrong motives
Priorities, balancing God’s and those in life
Problems, how to correct a bad situation
Prosperity, how to obtain it
Purpose, why were men and women created?
Quiet, how God provides this to us
Quiet, taking time for rest
Responsibilities, for those who are strong in the knowledge of the Word
Results, what if our witnessing fails to bring people to Christ
Reward, how to claim it for our good works
Sacrifice, of worldly things for Christ
Sacrifice, what is the purpose?
Self, can man generate his own power?
Sharing credit with others
Sin, are we responsible if we don’t know it’s a sin?
Sin, why we should get rid of it as soon as possible
Skills, using what we are given
Speaking skills, a biblical perspective
Standards, what should man use
Temptation, is it a sin?
Trust, where to place it
Trust, why place it in Christ?
Wealth, how to keep it
Wealth, its source
Wealth, obtaining satisfaction
What is salvation?
Wisdom, being fit to receive God’s help
Wisdom, can man be wise without God’s help?
Wisdom, listening with your heart
Wisdom, where to find it
Work ethic
Work, is it OK to enjoy?
Work, purpose of it
Work, worship of it