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patriotAmerican History, especially the time around the Revolution, is filled with so many unsung heroes. Ordinary people stepped out in faith and became the patriots that formed a new nation. Most would not have listed “soldier” or “politician” as their profession. Each was drawn into acts of bravery and courage because of their love of liberty. This section is dedicated to those not so well know individuals whose stories are truly remarkable. It will grow over time as they are researched and identified.

Rev. James Caldwell – The Fighting Chaplain
John Jay – First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Sybil Ludington – The Female Paul Revere
Joseph Plumb Martin – Boy soldier
Robert Morris Jr. – Financier of the American Revolution
Peter Muhlenberg – Minister, patriot and politician
Hercules Mulligan – An American Spy
James Otis Jr. – First Patriot of the Revolution
Thomas Paine – American political activist, philosopher, political theorist and revolutionary
Molly Pitcher – Most notable camp follower
Caesar Rodney – Another famous night time ride
John Pulling – Raising the lanterns at Old North Church
Benjamin Rush – The first Surgeon General
Deborah Sampson – America’s first female soldier
Baron von Steuben – America’s first drill instructor
The Rattlesnake – Meaning of the Rattlesnake on our early flags
Dr. Joseph Warren – The outspoken physician
John Witherspoon – Pastor and signer
Betty Zane – Last hero of the American Revolution