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When pioneers first came to this country, the pine was the monarch of the forests. White pines with trunks six feet in diameter, soaring to a height of 250 feet, were easily found. In those days of trailblazing, exploration, and majestic sailing ships, the long, straight trunks of white pine were the preferred choice for ship’s masts. The whitish resin which seeps out of the wounds of the pine tree was mixed with beeswax to seal the seams of canoes. Cities were built upon the timbers of the pines.

After decades of abundance, pine forests are now planted and managed like farms. Although pine continues to be a principal building material of choice, the great pines have been relegated to our national parks for viewing and protection.

As a nation, our beliefs are not unlike the great pines. Although they are the foundation, the principal building material behind actions, words, relationships, and the legacy we pass to our children, beliefs are no longer popular to discuss. Like the great pines, beliefs are relegated to occasional viewing for one hour on Sunday.

At Lostpine, we discuss these things. We believe it is essential to act justly in all we do, to have a capacity for love and mercy for all those in need, and to walk humbly with our God. This website has been dedicated to our interests and beliefs.

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