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Contact Form Failure

We have had a problem with our contact form system. It is changed now. If you have tried to contact us, we apologize for our lack of response.  This is a temporary fix.

Lostpine Content on a Kindle

Lostpine.com content uses a series of ICONS located at the bottom of each article. These ICONS expedite the sharing of our content in various forms and formats on social media. One we are quite impressed with is the letter K standing for Kindle. Clicking on this ICON will take you to “FiveFilters.org” which expedites the loading in Kindle format of our articles. 

You may need to add your Kindle email address to the send form Also, Amazon will require you to enter “Kindle@FiveFilters.org into the “approved email” list in your Amazon Kindle account. There are download instructions readily available online.

Lostpine Launches New Resources for Youth

Virtues are the latest set of resources that can be used for teaching children history. It is a combination of biblical principles based on Scripture, stories from our American Revolution and from Florida’s history. There are ideas for field trips and experiences to make the lessons more interesting. The resources themselves represent a useful template that can be applied to educating youth in God’s world around them. We call this new area “One Nation Under God.”

A New Study Series Called Shadows

On Lostpine, you will find 62 Bible Studies that came from our first series Studies. These were excerpts from a prescribed program done in early 2000. Our last series, Snapshots has just been ended. It had a 15 year run. There you will find 448 studies including a Biblical Directory to help you find what you are looking for. Snapshots were based on the Common Lectionary. Now, we are launching a new study series called Shadows. Shadows will look at those stories in our Bible that may not make the mainstream pulpits. It lets us explore those areas of Scripture that answer our curiosity as to “Why?” Shadows publishes each Friday.

All New Patriot Camp

Over the years, Lostpine has had the honor to present camps for children. They have been short, only a few hours, a full day and even a full week.  Some camps have event taken place in encampments where history is alive and well.  Please feel free to take advantage of our past experiences and use Patriot Camp for your own program.  As always, the use of our material is covered in our Privacy and Terms of Use.

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