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Lostpine is a website filled with resources for your personal growth and success. Use the [CONTENTS] menu above or the buttons on this page to find our constantly growing section of quotes reflecting the Wisdom of many great people.  There are Insights in Scripture filled with practical applications for living life to its fullest.  Free Studies and Snapshots are available for individuals or discussion groups to learn more about Biblical wisdom and its application in our world today. Lostpine’s latest section Shadows is our study to look at those Bible stories we don’t hear about every day and overlay them against current events. Short Stories include personal experiences on how “Life” and our “Creator” are intertwined. Celebrate the things people do to lift their spirits—hobbies, church life, pioneer adventures, and civic commitments that make this world a better place and make our God smile here in Passions. Interested in history? Check Patriot Camp an interactive program for young students. New is a category called One Nation Under God intended for older teens. 

Other resources include TIPS, a newsletter entitled “To Inspire People Spiritually” that you can use for your groups. We have even provided a convenient summary of God’s Promises to His people, along with God’s Names and Characteristics. There is a section on some motivational Poetry. Finally, to encourage you to expand your understanding of the Bible, there is a collection of useful Resources to other great web links.