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There are several Bible Studies in the Lost Pine collection that are very effective for teens in high school. The studies involve interactive demonstrations or contemporary themes that transcribe Scripture into modern day life application. They are noted below.

Many times, our youth will hear from their friends that they would believe in God if there was proof of His existence.  This is a light exercise providing a youth group the opportunity to share their beliefs and faith with each other.

This is a large group exercise that is intended to help youth understand what is meant when someone says, they accepted Christ and became a Christian.

Using the history of the compass, this study links the attributes of a navigation aid with Jesus, the perfect compass for guiding us to our gracious God. The Bible Truth being shared is that Jesus gives us the only view earthly mankind will ever have of God. The only way to God is to trust that Jesus knows the way and to follow Him.

Getting the attention of teenagers is always a challenge. This study takes a non-traditional route to use rock and roll music lyrics for a lesson on discernment. The Bible Truth being shared is that each of us is responsible for learning God’s Word and separating His message from that of the world.

This study uses a very powerful visual demonstration to emphasize the importance of placing God in our life early. The Bible Truth being shared is that our God provides us with many choices that we can freely make but He expects to be the first choice we make each day.

Visual learning is an effective way to cover difficult concepts for young people. The perfection of Jesus is one of those difficult topics.  Here is a short story about Amos the prophet that can help understand why we all need Jesus in our lives.

A study on the shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” This is a discussion proving that even the verse every child first learns can stimulate discussion and provoke thought today. The study takes a close look at the human character of our Savior. The Bible Truth being shared is that Jesus is as much a human as He is God. In this, each of us is to take great comfort in the knowledge that Jesus is the only binding to God’s saving grace.