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Robin Gunn is a contemporary author of inspirational books. She was born April 18, 1955 in Baraboo, Wisconsin. From her website, she writes about her life:

“Robin’s first grade teacher wrote on her report card, ‘Robin keeps the entire class entertained at rug time with her stories.’ Even with such an early affirmation, Robin didn’t think much about becoming a writer during high school or college. She was more intrigued by the idea of traveling to foreign lands and telling people about God’s love. ”

“Robin’s husband also noticed her gift for storytelling and urged her to attend a writers’ conference. That first conference, in 1979, opened the door for publication of devotions, articles, interviews and over a dozen children’s books.”

“If you feel far from God, guess who moved?”

“When one heart opens to another heart, it usually results in love.”

“Take it and be thankful.”

“When in doubt chicken out.”

“I look back now and realize that the gift of a true friend is that she sees you not the way you see yourself or the way others see you. A true friend sees you for who you are and who you can become.”

“It’s funny whom we end up choosing to love and who ends up choosing to love us. It’s rarely the people we think it should be.”

“”There are two words that you should use frequently in your youth: ´sorry´ and ´thank-you´. Use the first one as often as possible, so that on your death bed all that you have to say to your friends is ´thank-you!´.”