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Joe Bastardi was born July 18, 1955, is a professional meteorologist and weather forecaster. He is a frequent guest on TV news shows. Bastardi is an outspoken denier of human-induced global warming who is at odds with the scientific consensus.

Bastardi was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He spent his childhood moving frequently, first to Texas in 1960, then to Somers Point, New Jersey in 1965. He enrolled at Penn State University, where he was a member of the varsity wrestling team. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology in 1978. In his free time, Bastardi enjoys bodybuilding, and has won the NABBA American Bodybuilding Championships.
Bastardi worked for AccuWeather from 1978 until February 2011. Afterwards, he joined WeatherBell Analytics LLC as Chief Forecaster in March 2011.

Bastardi prefers to make definitive, rather than probabilistic, predictions. He has been critical of National Weather Service forecasts.

“Ignorance of the past leads to arrogance of the future.”

“The weather [is] an opponent that never quits, and the best you really can get is a tie with it.”