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Where is All The Help?

In troubled times when the economy is bad, there is a world of hurting people to help. These are good times to examine the roots of our call for dedicating time and talent on behalf of the Church of Christ. The Apostle Paul sets the stage in 1 Corinthians 12:7 when he tells us that all have been given gifts for the purpose of our common good. Too many times, however, we confuse these gifts with our worldly skills, used primarily for our own benefit. Spiritual Gifts are different.

Spiritual Gifts, of course come from the Holy Spirit. They are not of our making and any credit is never ours for the taking. Another key point regarding Spiritual Gifts can be found in Romans 12:4-8. There is no room for self-choosing; Christian service is simply the ministry with such a gift or gifts as we have received. While diverse, all are equally honorable because they are bestowed by the same Spirit, administered under the same Lord and energized by the same God.

Spiritual Gifts were extraordinary powers given in the early years of the Church, to convince non-believers, and to spread the Gospel’s message. These special gifts were given in combination with grace. Hence comes the difference. There may be great gifts where there is no grace but where grace is present, we can find that the gifts are being used for the advantage and salvation of others.

What is this thing called grace you ask? Grace in is the spontaneous, unmerited gift of God’s favor in of our salvation. We did not earn it, we did not deserve it. It is a free gift from a loving God. Our response to grace should be unceasing generosity in the sharing of our Spiritual Gifts. The sharing of our worldly gifts wouldn’t hurt either.

So why is it that with such an overwhelming supply of gifted people and a clear directive from our Lord, the church at large has such a hard time finding people to help? Could it be that we do not know how to serve?

TIPS-6In tough times, everyone can make a big difference. Need is everywhere. Find it, fill it.

Check List√

Where is church on your priority list?

Are you willing to serve in any capacity where you are needed?

Do you view your efforts as working on behalf of Christ?

Are you sharing your treasure with your church, your community and your family?

Do you know your Spiritual Gifts?

Can you guide others to their Spiritual Gifts?

Do you have the Spirit to serve?

Are you willing to do what is seemingly foolish, fill someone’s water jars?

Mother Knows Best

Look back at Christ’s first miracle, turning water into wine.  Can you imagine the servants reaction to Mary’s words, “Do whatever He tells you,”  and then Christ tells the servants to fill the water jars with water?  In our world, by all logic and all standards, that was a foolish thing to do, a waste of time, of no benefit to anyone.  Yet, God uses foolish things to confound those who seem to have more knowledge and power (see 1 Corinthians 1:27).  If we all want to see our children, our neighbors, our friends feel the grace of our great God, then we too must follow Mary’s words, “Do whatever He tells you.”

“His mother said to the servants, “fill the jars with water; so they filled them to the brim.” John 2:5

To give of our time, to share our talents must be treated for what it is, a command from our God.  To work only for our own benefit means that we are focused on the blessings of this life and not focused on God’s wonderful gift of grace. To quote an old cliché, “when times are tough, the tough get going.”

Your tip:  Using your Spiritual Gifts and make sure you do something.  Like grapes on a vine or fruit on a tree, if it is never shared, it just drops to the ground and is useless.