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Social Media

Social Media has surely made a place in this world as an efficient form of communication. Facebook alone is estimated to have 900 million users. Clearly, Social Media connects people better, informs them faster, is entertaining, raises productivity, can improve creativity and extend anyone’s reach to all corners of the globe. It is estimated that the Internet now holds 5 million terabytes of information and most of it is free.

So the question to pose is not whether Social Media or the Internet is good. It is good. The question, however, is how does someone discern the correct information, the trustworthy information from all that technology is bringing us?

If you would search on the question “Is God real?” you would no doubt find answers confirming and denying God’s existence. To our youth who are growing up in this age of communication and information, how do they sort out what is true?

The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans, states a very important point to begin this discussion on. That is, our God, creator of the Universe, has given us evidence. That evidence is sufficient to remove any excuses about our world and our God’s existence.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. ~Romans 1:20

So let’s look at what we can do. Social Media feeds the idea that anything can be reduced to simple statements, bullets, tweets. This is called minimalism. The risk is that by reducing everything to a few words, it becomes harder to discern the truth.

Nothing can and ever will take the place of people caring for other people, sharing their faith walk, encouraging one another, helping one another. This symbol stands for a kiss :-* and it will never replace the real thing.

TIPS-24We live in a changing world. But with confidence remember God is in charge.

Check List√

Are you discerning when you use information from the Internet?

As a user of Social Media, do you know how to be safe?

Do you share personal time with your friends, family and neighbors?

When is the last sunset you watched in person with your spouse, best friend, child or grandchild?

In an “always on and connected” world, do you spend quiet time so that God may speak to your heart?

Have you shared any great parables lately—they often lead to revelations of eternal proportions?

Getting to Know God in a New World Order

So how do we live in this world of Social Media and online information and know what is true? Here are a few simple steps to use for yourself and for others.

First, know there is a God.  The evidence of history, the world around us has for thousands of years and billions of people, led them to conclude God exists. Regardless of the technology, most people can discern morality.  The use of immoral information is wrong.

God gave us a lot, laws, government structures, the principles of economics, education, even politics.  But God demands that we apply common sense.  The Holy Spirit may be our guide but we will ultimately be held personally accountable for our actions in life.

Finally, God has created us with a mind capable of applying reasoning to any problem.  When we do, God instills the human heart with revelation.  And then you will know God is real.

Your tip, therefore, is to embrace or modern world with common sense and pass a little of yours onto others too.