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Who’s First?

It’s strange, isn’t it that we rarely remember who came in second. In sports, dozens of teams play long and hard. Here comes the Super Bowl, the World Cup and the only glory goes to the team who takes first place. We bronze our children’s first shoes; look forward to their first steps; and fear those first teenage words, “Can I borrow the car?” Yes, it is first communion, first pick, first in line, first to finish and first place that count.

“This, the first of His miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed His glory, and his disciples put their faith in Him.” ~John 2:11

With the first of everything carrying so much weight, one might ponder, Why would Jesus choose a simple wedding to manifest His Glory for the first time? Why not in the temple or before a large influential crowd? There are two ways to look at this question. Theology tells us this wedding feast is a picture of Israel: the wine had run out, the people’s supply was emptied by the feast yet their Messiah stood there, ready to help them. The six waterpots were used for ceremonial cleansing (see Mark7:3f), but the Jewish ceremonies could not help the spiritual bankrupt nation. It was without joy (wine is a symbol of joy in the Bible (see Ps. 104:15 and Jud. 9:13) and without hope. The nation had external ceremonies but they had nothing to satisfy them from within.

But why Christ’s first miracle at a simple wedding? This brings us to the second way we should look at this question. Weddings are a gathering of friends and family. They are joyful and celebrate life. To choose a wedding at Cana was to legitimize the importance of fellowship in Christian life. To choose Cana was to tell each of us that Jesus considers fellowship important enough to make it a “First Place” in our priorities.

Always remember that fellowship is what God wants with us too. It is all a matter of life’s priorities.

TIPS-15In an ever increasing electronic world, fellowship is often misunderstood. Fellowship is human to human.

Check List√

Do you attend functions where you can spend time with both people you know and people you do not know?

Do you demonstrate your eagerness for God’s Word through regular attendance at worship and Sunday school?

Do you seek the fellowship of people you do not know?

Does your conversation express the joy you have found in your own personal relationship with God?

Does your fellowship include time with a mentor, time with a protégé and time with someone who holds you accountable?

What Is So Special About 1st Place?

Fellowship, according to the dictionary means, having a friendly association with people who share common interests together. The key words here are FRIENDLY, SHARE, and INTERESTS.

To inspire people spiritually, is not a morose activity.  There needs to be joy, like that found in a wedding.  Sharing involves human interaction.  Watching the expression on someone’s face as you tell a story, the smile on your own as you hear about someone’s children.  Most importantly, the real joy that is shared when someone finally understands that our God loved us so much, He sent His one and only Son to assure we have a place in eternity.

Oh yes, there is that final one, interests.  Common interests are the bridge that is necessary to overcome the differences that exist in all of us.  There is nothing that promotes friendship faster than to find someone who is just as interested as you in some specific topic.

Your tip, therefore, is to believe that Christ’s simple, private joyful time at Cana is the model He wants for all of us.  It is how faith is shared, enhanced and most importantly, found.