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Which Way To Go?

Giving can take on many forms. One way or the other, effective stewards of God’s resources have a “heart” for giving. It is a consistent theme, be faithful through the joy-filled sharing of everything God so generously has given us. It is the human mind, however, that is always looking at the numbers, the results.

Giving is to be of the “First Fruits” of the harvest but not all hearts lean that way. Most of us would fulfill our needs first and then share from the leftovers. Of course, there are seldom enough leftovers. God does give us some examples to follow.

In Revelations, chapter 3 Christ Himself calls out to describe three churches. Sardis is the dying church. It had a reputation for being alive but it is now a reputation without reality. Christ’s Warning to Sardis is (a) Be watchful, be alert; (b) strengthen the few things you do have; (c) remember the Word you have received and heard; and (d) hold fast and be ready when I come.

Philadelphia is the serving church. They are responding to the opening and closing of doors around the world, ready to take advantage of the opportunities God presents. Philadelphia is under attack from the “false churches” around them who have popularity, influence , and money. However, Christ promises that He will take care of these enemies in the end.

The third is Laodicea, a democratic church that has stopped following its spiritual leaders or the authority of the Word of God. It is a church where truth has been diluted with error. The tragedy is that Laodicea is prestigious, wealthy and has political power, yet they are spiritually poor and do not know it.

When the hearts of men, women and children are awakened to the Holy Spirit’s influence and begin to listen to the Word of God, God changes them. They come “born again” as new hearts seeking a joyful relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And yes, they are generous with their “first fruits.”

TIPS-13Are you interested in changing a church or group so that it is effectively serving your community? It begins first by serving God.

Check List√

Is generosity part of your culture?

Do you willingly accept the generosity of others?

Are your youth generous with their “first fruits?”

Are you willing to set all other goals aside in defense of God’s Word?

Do you have a vision for the future that includes God?

Can you find the Holy Spirit alive and well in your life?

Do you give from your joy as a servant for God or from your wealth or surplus?

Do you trust God’s Word?

I Know a Shortcut, Follow Me

In Revelations 3:8, the Apostle John shares his inspiration from God: “I know your deeds.  See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.  I now you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”

It would be nice to know that there is a short cut, a way of just finding God without the effort.  But there is none.  God can see the human heart, easy for Him, because He created it.  We are called to be faithful stewards of His resources, sharing generously and joyfully to those in need.  This is not easy without God “in our heart.”

So how do we let God in and keep Him in?  His inspired Word is a great starting point.  The Bible is the most widely printed, the most widely read, the most widely translated, the most widely appreciated book in the world.  It changes hearts, it changes lives, it brings joy, it inspires generosity that is unmatched in our world’s history. Give it a try.

Your tip, therefore, is to be faithful stewards with a joyful heart.  Oh what will we become if we give with joy?