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Do We Really Need God?

There is an amazing statistical correlation between the standard of living among people who profess to be Christians and their percent of giving. The lower their standard, the higher the percentage. In an anthropology study conducted in some of the poorest of neighborhoods in Mexico, time and money spent in pursuit of their faith were exceeded only by the money spent for basic survival. It was those in poverty who supported their church the most. The phenomenon repeats itself over and over all over the world. It seems that as our affluence increases, our priorities for stewardship wanes.

Why can this be?

“He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.” ~ Titus 1:9

This question goes deeper than just money. It manifests itself in similar terms with respect to one’s interaction with their church, their willingness to help others and the testimony of one’s faith. One possible conclusion that can be drawn from all of this is that the pull of wealth, a peaceful existence, good health and plenty of leisure time can insulate us from depending on our God.

This is not to say that today’s Christian Church does not believe in God. No, they just don’t really need God. For many of us, our lifestyles are such that we are not pulled toward our God until something happens. Sickness, a job loss, some difficult problems with our relationships suddenly open our eyes to our need for and dependency on God.

So what are we to do? Can any one of us change the hearts and priorities of those around us enough that this temporal world does not blind them from God? The answer is not too far away. We need only to look to the writings of the Apostle Paul and see his advice on this subject.

TIPS-10So who holds the title to your car, the deed to your home? Maybe this check list will help answer the question of whether you are the example to others of the generous steward.

Check List√

Do you regularly attend Bible Study to sharpen your skills in “encouragement?”

What is your plan for encouraging children?

Do you know the Word of God well enough to “hold firmly” to its message?

Can you defend God’s Word?

Are you a “teacher,” sharing your knowledge with those who pass through your life?

Can you name three people in your life: {a} your mentor; {b} your accountability partner: and {c} your protégé?

Do we REALLY need God?

First, Paul cautions us about watering down the Holy Word. He tells us to “hold firmly” to its message. To do this, we need to know the Message! And this is really good news because it is a great message to know. Our God gives us hope, now for this world and for the next one too.

Next, we are called to use God’s Word to encourage others. Yes, sound doctrine should always be paramount but it must also have a purpose. Scripture is not to be used to make people feel good about themselves. It is to be used to change people into more productive members of Christ’s great church.

God’s formula is simple, you share what you know by telling your own story. Your job is work on the “ears.” God then promises to take over and His job is to work on the “heart.”

The Apostle Paul goes on to tell us to “refute those who oppose it.” Unfortunately, in our world today, there is a lot of opposition. And why? Is hope for a life of purpose in this world such a radical idea? While our God has an eternal perspective, Christ came for us in this world. He came to show us the way, the truth and to be our light.

Your tip: Expand your knowledge of God’s Instruction Book, the Bible. Your life will be enriched for it.